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November 16, 2014
3 Other Alternatives to Sunblock Lotion

While sunscreen is a very important product to have when you’re out camping, going to the beach or simply out in the sun for a prolonged amount of time, there are some people who simply do not like the feel of the lotion. It tends to be a little thick and uncomfortable for some. While we still implore you to apply sunblock, here are some other ways to protect your skin from the sun.

 - Long-sleeve shirts or pants

Nothing blocks harmful UV rays better than actual material over your skin. But of course, the sun is out, so wearing long sleeves isn’t exactly what you’d have in mind. Try wearing lighter colors, like white, since it reflects the most sun rays and will keep you cooler than black fabric. Try breathable materials like chiffon or even Under Armour.

 - Plant oils like coconut or olive oil

Research has found that some plant oils will actually block about 20% of harmful sun rays. However, it’s not regulated, so while it’s not the best solution as a sunscreen alternative, it still provides some protection if you’re looking for a more “natural” solution. Some even suggest the oils, like aloe vera even, as something to use on your skin after you’ve been exposed to the sun, to help you cool down and possibly help prevent damage to the skin.

 - Face moisturizer with SPF protection

While this would fall under “lotion” for most people, face moisturizer tends to be a little lighter and less sticky than sunscreen. It’s not as effective as sunblock, but it does provide another solution for those who aren’t big fans of the stickier original. Look for face moisturizers with SPFs of about 30 or more, since anything lower than that usually is tantamount to applying water to your face.

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